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Why choose VIP Milford?

VIP Milford

You’re in the midst of planning your holiday in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand and you’ve come to the part where you arrive in Te Anau. We’re bordering the magnificent Fiordland National Park so of course Milford Sound is part of the itinerary. Should be easy enough right? Jump online and there it is, your ideal Milford Sound excursion. Unfortunately, it can be quite a confusing search with countless options popping up left, right and centre. Which company is the best? Do we drive or take a coach? What is the best cruise, Nature or Scenic?

I bet you’re thinking “This’ll be totally bias”. That may be the case, but only because we truly believe we are second to none when it comes to what a Milford Sound excursion can offer. We want our guests to feel as though they can fully relax on a stress-free tour as you venture into one of the most beautiful places on earth. Give us a chance and read on as we point out a few important elements we offer on a once in a lifetime experience.

We offer small group tours which is a really important difference.

A lot of tours are run on large buses which means that you get to do limited stops on the stunning Milford Road. Our coaches are brand new and hold a maximum capacity of 18 people. The road itself is beautiful and really is just as exquisite as the Sound itself. Being in a small coach with a small intimate group allows you to take your time during the various stops so you can admire the untouched wilderness in your own time. You will never feel rushed so take it all in, snap that extra selfie and enjoy a leisurely drive into the depths of Fiordland.


Our drivers are also locals to the area, they have done hundreds and hundreds of trips into Milford Sound and really are Fiordland experts and not just bus drivers. They have a passion for the area you may not find in a lot of drivers. They don’t just have a well-practiced commentary; they want to talk to you about the area and share what they consider their backyard with you. You may also find having a local driver means they know a few special stops others overlook. Not to mention, they’re some pretty neat people who are happy to answer any questions and love to have a yarn.

Scenic Cruise

You have a choice of meeting up with either a Scenic or Nature boat Cruise in Milford Sound, which ever suits you best. These boat tours are both operated by Real Journeys who are Milford Sounds premium boat tour operator. They are the original Milford Sound company and are still owned by the same family who established the company many years ago. The Scenic cruise is slightly shorter than the Nature cruise and offers a free buffet lunch so there’s no chance of going hungry! The Nature cruise does go slightly further out to the Tasman sea with excellent Specialist Nature Guides that share with you a wealth of knowledge. Picnic lunches can also be purchased to have onboard the Nature cruise. Check out our blog on the cruise options to see which suits you

VIP Milford offers the full package. There’s need to worry about arriving for your cruise on time. We will take the stress out of what should be an unforgettable trip (in a good way!) Let us show you we are the best there is. Check out our reviews and see for yourself what out lovely guests have said about their experience with VIP Milford. We can’t wait to hear from you. Give us a call or send us an email if you are looking for more advise or have any questions.

We are here to help make your Milford Sound research much less baffling!

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